Online Booking


Click the button below if you would like to open the Online Booking system in a new window


Start your Booking:

Option 1: Click "log in" to create an account or log in to a previously created account.

Option 2: Start your Amala Spa & Beauty booking without an account, please note: there isn't an option to add bookings made without an account, to an account later. 

Select Service:

Select the Service/s you would like to book at Amala Spa & Beauty. The booking summary is shown at the bottom of the page. Some prices shown may be a starting price, this is generally shown in the service description.

Add Ons:

Some services go well with others, In some instances we may give you an option to book services that compliment your chosen bookings

Select Staff:

You have the option to select your favourite Therapist or simply go with the first available Therapist, some Services may only be performed by staff that specialise in that service.

Select Date & Time:

Available dates: The little green boxes under the dates show when there may be times available to book in. click your preferred date to show the available times

Available Times: Once the date is selected, the system will offer you the available appointment times. Click to select the time.

Enter Your Information:

Personal Details: Add in your full name for the booking.

Contact Information: Please provide your Email address and Mobile phone number, you will receive an email with your booking details, and possibly a reminder txt message for your appointment.

Additional Information: If you have a promotional code, please enter it here, or if you would like to add some notes to your therapist regarding your appointment, you can do that here.

Deposit: Online bookings do require a Deposit,  Please ensure you read and understand the Terms & Conditions. There are more detailed T7C's on the next section.

Payment Information:

Please ensure you read the Information regarding your booking and double-check your appointment summary at the bottom. If all is correct, please provide your Credit/Debit Card information. Our online booking payments are via Stripe. You can read further Information on Stripe Payments Here

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